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Energy & Environmental Services

Our services are aimed principally at helping management to solve problems, particularly those relating to energy and the environment.

Professional Advice

Just as one may call upon the services of a Solicitor to resolve a legal matter or an Accountant to solve a financial problem, so is there a need, in the era of increasing environmental legislation and awareness, to employ the services of a Specialist to resolve energy and environmental problems ~ and that is what we provide.

Problem Solving

Our training and experience in Energy Management and Building Services enables us to identify the causes of problems with the minimum of delay ~ often eliminating losses and frustration for our Clients. The question which most Clients ask is "How much energy should I be using?" ~ That is a question we can normally answer.

Fault Rectification

Discovering the causes of complaint, concern or waste is not enough ~ even when the solution has been determined. ~ It needs to be "Put Right" ~ We have the skills and contacts to rectify problems effectively.

Fuel Purchasing

Privatisation of the energy and water utilities has introduced its own dilemmas ~ with greater choice available, Clients now want to know "How much should I be paying for my energy and water?" ~ The answer normally is "Less than you are".
With independent access to all fuel, energy and water suppliers as well as the regulatory bodies, we are normally able to negotiate prices below those which our Clients, themselves, can obtain ~ and our Clients benefit from this.

System Design

Simply talking about energy and environmental conservation improves nothing ~ only implementation of carefully determined strategies produces results.
Our experience as Design Engineers and Project Managers enables us to decide and pursue improvements to final stages of commissioning and operation. Many of the most viable energy saving projects are quite simple ~ nothing more than installing the correct controls ~ At the other end of the scale, it involves the detailed organisation and planning necessary to employ a variety of tradesmen to install major plant within a specific time. ~ We can do both.

Staff Training

Even when the problems have been solved and the price is right, it is essential to "Keep on Top"!
We offer a range of services to help maintain this advantageous position and motivate, educate and encourage our Clients' staff at all management levels.


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