<TABLE COLS=2 WIDTH=100%> <TR> <TD WIDTH=165 ALIGN=CENTER> <IMG SRC="logo.jpg" WIDTH=110 HEIGHT=121> <TD><FONT SIZE=6 COLOR="#008000"><STRONG>Adshead & Associates</STRONG></FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=3 COLOR="#FFFFFF"><STRONG>Energy Consulting & Design Engineers</STRONG></FONT> <BR><FONT SIZE=2 COLOR="#FF0000"><STRONG>Your Energy Is Saved In Our Hands</STRONG></FONT> </TABLE>

Adshead & Associates was formed in September 1982 as an independent professional consulting practice of Chartered Engineers with the specific aim of providing high quality expertise, rapid response and flexibility to meet the needs of Clients, principally those in the commercial and industrial sectors, in Energy and Environmental Matters.

We fervently believe that improvement in energy efficiency is not only a significant means of controlling the overheads of a business but is also a means of helping to safeguard the standard of living for future generations.

Our services are aimed at meeting the full range of Client needs: ~

Professional Advice Problem Solving
Fault Rectification Fuel Purchasing
System Design Staff Training

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