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Company Profile

Adshead & Associates was formed in September 1982 as an independent professional consulting practice with the specific aims of providing high quality engineering expertise, rapid response and flexibility to meet the needs of Clients, principally those in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Its founders had previous consulting experience and were most conscious of the lack of motivation, lack of skill and lack of attention to client needs which was and still is prevalent in some consulting practices. We set out to rectify this unsatisfactory situation and have been successful in our aims.

While the mainstream of our operations is concerned with Efficient Energy Use, its close affinity to and growing need for improvements in Environmental Protection and Safe Working practices provided the natural expansion of our services, particularly with introduction of necessary but stringent legislation, in 1988 and thereafter. We fervently believe that improvement in working safety and energy efficiency are not only significant means for controlling the overheads of a business but also a means of helping to safeguard the standard of living for future generations.

In the decade which has followed its foundation, we have seen the growth in public awareness of environmental issues and "the Greenhouse Effect", "Ozone Layer", "Global Warming", "Poor Air Quality", "Water Quality" and "Risk Assessment" are now phrases in common every day use, though when we mentioned them to Clients in the early days of our practice, people simply didn't believe us. Much has changed but, even so, many businesses continue to use considerably more energy and water than they need and expose themselves and their staff to hazardous situations, at a significant and unnecessary cost to themselves.

Our professional services are aimed at providing a wide range of engineering expertise and aid from energy auditing and monitoring, through fuel purchasing, risk assessment and energy surveys and investigations, to full system design, specification, on-site supervision and training which can be tailored to meet the individual needs of our Clients. We undertake the whole spectrum of energy associated work from heating, cooling and ventilation schemes, through lighting schemes, electrical design and water treatment to production process design and we have earned a particularly good reputation for mechanical and electrical services relating to swimming pools. Similarly, we have adapted our services to address the growing legislation associated with environmental protection and Government legislation, relating to hazardous material handling, discharges to atmosphere and to water, sound and vibration control and aspects of current Health & Safety Legislation.

We have continued to improve our techniques and have invested significantly in technology to enable us to provide YOU, our valued Client, the response and quality required today.

From our offices in Blackpool, we operate nationally and, indeed, abroad; and we follow the conviction that, by controlling our own operating costs efficiently, we aim to pass the benefits to our Clients.

We are principally skilled in solving Client's problems, particularly where energy and safety are concerned, and look forward to an opportunity to solve those which are causing you concern.


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